The secret recipe of inspirations

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Explore, discover and organize your digital inspirations.

References.Design helps to to get freshest inspirations from all over the popular design communities, as well as import your personal collections. You can easily manage all your online and offline assets in one place.

Browse design inspirations and stories

Browse the curated design inspirations and stories from a selective series of sources. Keep reading and more suitable contents will be recommended to you.

The ultimate image organizer

With the simple, intuitive, yet powerful workspace, References.Design is also your ultimate image organizer.

Add your local files to References.Design and you can easily organize all the online and offline contents in one place.

Simply powerful labeling system

Assigning labels to your images, the fastest way to put your contents in order.

AI-powered smart tagging and searching system

We trained an AI engine to automatically detect the visual styles and the objects in your inspirations. You can start searching your inspirations right after they are imported. Managing design assets had never been so simple!

Inspire Me!

Get random inspirations each time you click on the Inspire Me! button.
Pin the ones you like and more relevant contents will be automatically suggested!

Find and cluster similar images

Right click on an image to find similar ones to it. Or simply switch to clustering mode to put similar contents into different groups.
Latest inspirations

Freshest inspirations and design stories delivered to you everyday.

One-click saving

Save the inspirations with just one click. No need to think about where to put it.

Folders with offline access

Link with local or remote folders and access them even when you are offline.


Assign different labels to your images to quickly put them in order.


Cluster images based on their visual styles. Find related contents easily.

Inspire Me!

Get random inspirations and rediscover your hidden contents on the fly.

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This project has been deprecated 💔

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